Our Engagement Story

Phil and I became engaged on Tuesday, November 22, 2011 (the Tuesday before Thanksgiving is pretty much how I remember it). We were having a fairly lazy evening when Phil asked if we could start decorating the tree, which I should have thought was odd because I had asked before to start early and he wouldn’t let me. Anyway, we were putting up lights and trying to get organized because I have a TON of ornaments. You seriously wouldn’t even believe it.

So I was trying to get organized and he kept handing me stuff that I kept putting down, which I guess was bothering him because he finally asked if he could just hand me the ornaments and I could put them on the tree. He started handing me ornaments and we were rolling along when he handed me one wrapped up in newspaper. I didn’t think anything of it because all of my ornaments are pretty much packed like that, so I just unwrapped it and went to put it on the tree when I realized it was a bit different than anything I knew I had. I very nearly even said that I didn’t think it was mine πŸ˜›

When I turned it over and really looked at it, I realized it was engraved and read “Will you marry me?” I was so shocked that all I could really say was “What…?!” and when I looked at him I realized he was on one knee, holding a ring. It was perfect and I was so surprised that all I could do was laugh! When I was finally able to say “yes!” we poured ourselves some wine and spent the next hour trying to get a hold of our families to tell them the good news πŸ™‚


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