Themes and colors and dresses! Oh my!

If you search for “fall bridesmaids,” on Google, you will get about 3,723,947 pictures of girls in fall-colored dresses. Tons of red, orange, brown, purple. A couple of the dresses might be blue. But for me, there’s an overwhelming “fall” theme that spills into almost every detail of these weddings, including the dresses.

Our wedding is in October. We do not have a theme. And I’m pretty sure that even if we did, the theme would not be fall colors. Don’t get me wrong, I love the colors. The foliage is only a small part of why I love autumn, and that played a big role in choosing our date. Phil and I will love to have all the beautiful color in our pictures, and I’m sure it’ll be in at least part of our decorating. Seasonal flowers are always cheaper, after all. And I have another confession to make: in addition to not choosing a theme, we don’t have a wedding color either. Eeek! I know! We get this question all the time! Phil even asks me this question all the time! Like he forgot and needs to know, “what’s our color again?” Don’t worry honey, you didn’t forget, we just don’t have one!

This hasn’t been a problem for me. I don’t think it’s necessary to have a color. I don’t think I want things to match and be the same color. There are elements of similar colors throughout, like our invitations have some blue on them, and our dresses have some blue on them, and our flowers will be pastels, like the linens on the table. But overall, we don’t have a color that expresses our wedding. I can’t say that our wedding is peacock and then people suddenly know that I mean we have teal dresses and peacock feathers in the bouquets or something.

So if you ask me what our color is, and I say we don’t have one, please don’t think I’m being facetious or bratty. We really just don’t have one; mostly because I can’t trust myself not to change my mind thirty-five times by the time this shindig is in full swing.


One thought on “Themes and colors and dresses! Oh my!

  1. Hi from the Bee 🙂 I’m totally with you. I change my mind all of the time!!! I ended up picking colors because I need a little structure and to avoid changing my mind too much, but whenever I’m asked by vendors what my “theme” is I don’t really have an answer!

    But I definitely agree a theme or specific color scheme isn’t necessary. It sounds like you have a common “feel” already!

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