Weddingbee love

Most of you who know me and talk to me about wedding plans know that I am in love (ok, obsessed) with weddingbee. I discovered just a few days after we got engaged and I’ve checked it almost every day since. I can’t get enough. For a while, I was so seriously considering applying to blog for the site, that I set myself a Google calendar reminder about when I’d be eligible. As you can see by my sporadic posts here, I don’t think I’m quite what they’re looking for.

And then today I was perusing the site and noticed that they’d introduced a new blogger from their “honeymoon generation.” For those of you who aren’t as crazy as I am and don’t know about “the Bee,” bloggers are assigned to a generation and given an icon. So if you’re from the jewelry generation, you might blog as Miss Earrings or Mrs. Necklace. The icons are always adorable and swoon-worthy. The honeymoon generation makes me rethink spending hours each night making crap up so I can blog there too. I mean, just look!








I just KNOW that I am Miss Campfire! Ahh! In the (very) likely event that I do not become a weddingbee blogger, I might just start calling myself “Miss Campfire” around here. And in my daily life. And all the time.

What blogger icon would you choose?


One thought on “Weddingbee love

  1. Hi there, stopping by from WB! I know what you mean, I was literally addicted to the Bee after I first discovered it! You should totally be Miss Campfire. I think I would be Miss Palm Tree. 😉

    xo Rachael

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