Am I rushing things, maybe?

Phil and I have been engaged for five-ish months right now. We still have eighteen to go. Yes, we have a year and a half before our wedding day. But do you know what I have? I have a wedding dress. That’s right! It was the very first wedding thing I bought (ok, well, maybe I didn’t personally buy it, but it was purchased first), even though it’s probably supposed to be the last.

This frightens me just a tiny bit because as much as I love my dress now, who says I’ll love it in a year and a half? I’m also a little bit sad that I won’t be able to make a ton of appointments to try on dresses with my mom and girls. I mean, I can still try on dresses, sure, especially if I’m not 100 percent sold on my dress, but that feels a little bit like cheating. And while I didn’t really have that “this is the one” moment, I still really like my dress and whenever I image our big day, that’s what I picture myself wearing.

I don’t want to spoil the fun, so I’m not going to show it off just yet, but I’m happy my dress. We got a GREAT deal and if anyone in the Chicago suburbs is looking for an inexpensive gown, you just let me know because I have the hookup! So all in all, I don’t think I’ll bother seriously looking at gowns. If I happen to try on a few for fun, that’ll be fine, but for now my wedding gown is safely tucked away waiting for our big day 🙂


And also, my sister has her dress too. Apparently great minds really do think alike!


One thought on “Am I rushing things, maybe?

  1. I actually purchased my dress 14 months before the wedding as well – it turned out to be a great choice! At first I was nervous, but the dress was (a) a great deal, (b) very similar to everything I had been trying on, and (c) since then I have yet to find a dress under $3.5k that I like better. I also knew that I would need alterations (not proportional!), and the fact that they were included in the price made it even a better deal! Congrats on getting a dress!

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