Our first venue visit

Hello again! Remember all that talk about how our wedding date is crazy far away and we have plenty of time before we even have to think about anything wedding related? Well, we didn’t listen to our own advice. Last weekend we went to visit our very first venue! (Well, OK, our very first venue where we had an actual appointment!)

We went to check out Two Brothers Roundhouse in Aurora. I had been emailing back and forth with their event coordinator (Lori) and she answered all my ridiculous questions without making me feel crazy, which is awesome. She sent me all the info I asked for and was really friendly and excited for us, so that was nice 🙂 And she was super casual and nice at the actual appointment and put us right at ease despite our (as yet) lack of details and solid planning.

I was instantly pretty impressed with the place. They had both an outdoor ceremony site that was really pretty and indoor reception space. On Friday and Saturday nights the restaurant has live music, and since there isn’t any cover charge guests can head outside for live music if they’re feeling cramped inside and want some fresh air. And even though the Stout and Lager room (the room we’d use) is inside and on the second floor of the building, the construction feels rustic and cabin-like, so we still had that outdoorsy feeling we’re really looking for. All in all, I was really happy with it, and if we’d been able to put down a deposit right then, I might have seriously considered signing a contract.

Since the weather had been ridiculous beautiful the past couple weeks, we decided to stay and sit outside near the ceremony gazebo and have lunch. We hashed out our opinions on the place and what we liked and didn’t so much love and decided that while it’s definitely a contender, we’re still going to look at some other places. In the meantime, here are some pictures to show you what we liked about this place 🙂