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Almost there! And why planning and I are not friends.

I don’t think it’s a huge secret that I’ve had a difficult time planning our wedding, but if it is, now you know. From the beginning, I had pictured a very different wedding for Phil and I. I had wanted to get married outside in a field of pretty poppies or sunflowers, or in a park surrounded by stunning forests. I wanted a short reception with perhaps just cake and punch (or punch and pie, hah!) during the afternoon. Maybe we’d have a bonfire and sit around well into the night, just enjoying each other’s company. I probably wouldn’t wear a traditional wedding gown, and my bridesmaids would all be rocking tie-dyed dresses that we found on sale.
But I soon realized that was the wedding that I wanted and that sounded perfect to me. But it wasn’t a wedding that included my fiancé’s wishes and took his feelings into account. And since we started working together, our wedding has changed dramatically. It will sound snobbish and ungrateful for me to say that there are some aspects of our wedding that I am not crazy about, but it’s true. In the end though, we are blessed to have family and friends who have helped us get here. And at the end of the day, if Phil and I are married, then our wedding will be a roaring success, because that’s the whole point!
It’s been hard though, to keep my head when things have gotten crazy. I’ve made appointments with vendors that they never showed up to. My seamstress forgot who I was and hadn’t made any alterations on my dress when I went for a (scheduled!) appointment. All of my bridal party is having separate hair and makeup appointments because I didn’t have the foresight to just hire one person to do it all, and that’s created a planning and logistics nightmare that gives me headaches just thinking about. My own mother called me a bridezilla. And sometimes I just feel like crying.
But in eighteen days, when I have to get up at 6 a.m. for my hair appointment, and have to drive here, there, and everywhere for a million different appointments, and deliver my arch to the ceremony space no earlier than three hours before the ceremony, and pick up the flowers and get them to the reception space, and by then my hair is falling out of its updo because of all my running around, it will not matter. Because that is the day I am marrying the most incredible man I know. And at the end of the night, it will all be worth it. I just have to hang in there a little bit longer.
I can’t wait to see you all and share it with you!

P.S.—Make sure you say something nice about the details, even if they look like crap 🙂

Busy, busy bees

Oh my gosh, you guys! We only have slightly more than three months left until this wedding shindig! (The nerd in me knows it’s down to 104 days; we’re almost at double digits!!)

And you know what we’ve done? Pretty much nothing! But we have a fairly good reason, and that’s that we officially moved into our new home last weekend! It has been crazy! We’re still kind of living out of boxes, but I promise that as soon as I finish this post I’m going to go organize the bathroom and put my clothes away :).

And today I ordered our invitations. So we’re getting some stuff done. As soon as we get settled a bit more, I should have some more updates. So happy to be home and that much closer to our wedding!


Wedding music disclaimer

Dear wedding guests,
If you’re dancing at our wedding and suddenly become confused because a rap song or song with lyrics in Spanish comes on, don’t worry! It’s probably a song from one of the Fast and Furious movies; those soundtracks are awesome. Just continue dancing. And maybe tell us something nice, like we had the best music ever. That is all 🙂

Themes and colors and dresses! Oh my!

If you search for “fall bridesmaids,” on Google, you will get about 3,723,947 pictures of girls in fall-colored dresses. Tons of red, orange, brown, purple. A couple of the dresses might be blue. But for me, there’s an overwhelming “fall” theme that spills into almost every detail of these weddings, including the dresses.

Our wedding is in October. We do not have a theme. And I’m pretty sure that even if we did, the theme would not be fall colors. Don’t get me wrong, I love the colors. The foliage is only a small part of why I love autumn, and that played a big role in choosing our date. Phil and I will love to have all the beautiful color in our pictures, and I’m sure it’ll be in at least part of our decorating. Seasonal flowers are always cheaper, after all. And I have another confession to make: in addition to not choosing a theme, we don’t have a wedding color either. Eeek! I know! We get this question all the time! Phil even asks me this question all the time! Like he forgot and needs to know, “what’s our color again?” Don’t worry honey, you didn’t forget, we just don’t have one!

This hasn’t been a problem for me. I don’t think it’s necessary to have a color. I don’t think I want things to match and be the same color. There are elements of similar colors throughout, like our invitations have some blue on them, and our dresses have some blue on them, and our flowers will be pastels, like the linens on the table. But overall, we don’t have a color that expresses our wedding. I can’t say that our wedding is peacock and then people suddenly know that I mean we have teal dresses and peacock feathers in the bouquets or something.

So if you ask me what our color is, and I say we don’t have one, please don’t think I’m being facetious or bratty. We really just don’t have one; mostly because I can’t trust myself not to change my mind thirty-five times by the time this shindig is in full swing.

Weddingbee love

Most of you who know me and talk to me about wedding plans know that I am in love (ok, obsessed) with weddingbee. I discovered just a few days after we got engaged and I’ve checked it almost every day since. I can’t get enough. For a while, I was so seriously considering applying to blog for the site, that I set myself a Google calendar reminder about when I’d be eligible. As you can see by my sporadic posts here, I don’t think I’m quite what they’re looking for.

And then today I was perusing the site and noticed that they’d introduced a new blogger from their “honeymoon generation.” For those of you who aren’t as crazy as I am and don’t know about “the Bee,” bloggers are assigned to a generation and given an icon. So if you’re from the jewelry generation, you might blog as Miss Earrings or Mrs. Necklace. The icons are always adorable and swoon-worthy. The honeymoon generation makes me rethink spending hours each night making crap up so I can blog there too. I mean, just look!








I just KNOW that I am Miss Campfire! Ahh! In the (very) likely event that I do not become a weddingbee blogger, I might just start calling myself “Miss Campfire” around here. And in my daily life. And all the time.

What blogger icon would you choose?

An awesome officiant

Since the beginning of our engagement, Phil and I have been concerned about who was going to officiate our wedding. Neither of us has grown up in a very religious household and we don’t belong to a church. We don’t know any pastors or feel comfortable  asking someone we don’t know to preside over this incredibly important moment. So early on, we talked about asking someone we know to officiate the ceremony. We came up with a list of friends and family we thought would be a good fit, but didn’t actually ask anyone. I started to get nervous that maybe it wasn’t a great idea to choose someone who hadn’t done something like this before. What if they get nervous and back out? What if they don’t remember a key element during the ceremony and we end up not officially married? What if they get sick? The more I read and thought about it, the more anxious I got about the whole thing.

Then one day I was talking to a friend at work who was recently married. His officiant was a friend of his wife. Then I talked to another close friend, whose sister was married by someone she knew. More and more people I knew were getting married by friends and had really great experiences and stories. So I decided I’d ask her and if she said no, we’d find a professional, but if she said yes, we’d have an amazing, memorable, meaningful ceremony performed by a friend who knows and loves both of us.

So last week I dove in and asked, and she said yes! She was ordained online before I even made it home after dinner! I’m so glad she’s as excited as we are and we can’t wait to write this ceremony and have her marry us. Only seven more months to go!

Photo ideas

It was almost six months again. I’m not so good with this blogging I guess. So instead of a lengthy post about nothing important, here’s a pretty picture that I’d like to replicate. Anyone want to help?


Holy cow! It’s October?!

Right, so um, I haven’t written anything since April. That’s crazy! Since I last spoke, not only do I have a dress, but we also have a venue! And that means we officially have a date!

Our wedding will take place on Sunday, October 13, 2013. Today is October 23, 2012. That means that we have less than one year until we get married! How the heck did that happen?! Just a second ago we had a year and a half and now we are down to eleven months. So we did something special to commemorate having only one more year until our nuptials; we took engagement pictures.

Sadly, I don’t have any to show off just yet, but I hopefully will before very long. One of Phil’s colleagues cut us a break and took them for us over the weekend. I’m a little nervous that I’ll look like a fat cow, but that’s my own damn fault for not getting on a treadmill since my last post 😛

So things are slowly coming together. We’ve chosen the tuxes (Phil actually chose them, I had no say and what was cool with me. He didn’t pick my dress, why should I choose his clothes for him?) and the dress for the bridesmaids. We have a venue and an official date. Our venue (still a secret for now :)) is taking care of all the food and the cake, so we don’t have to book any vendors there. We still need our DJ, photographer (though I’m sure once we get the e-pics back that will be chosen as well), our invitations…yadda yadda yadda. So really, there’s still a ton to do, but we’re on our way 🙂 Hopefully it won’t be another six months before I’m able to fill in more of the details!

Am I rushing things, maybe?

Phil and I have been engaged for five-ish months right now. We still have eighteen to go. Yes, we have a year and a half before our wedding day. But do you know what I have? I have a wedding dress. That’s right! It was the very first wedding thing I bought (ok, well, maybe I didn’t personally buy it, but it was purchased first), even though it’s probably supposed to be the last.

This frightens me just a tiny bit because as much as I love my dress now, who says I’ll love it in a year and a half? I’m also a little bit sad that I won’t be able to make a ton of appointments to try on dresses with my mom and girls. I mean, I can still try on dresses, sure, especially if I’m not 100 percent sold on my dress, but that feels a little bit like cheating. And while I didn’t really have that “this is the one” moment, I still really like my dress and whenever I image our big day, that’s what I picture myself wearing.

I don’t want to spoil the fun, so I’m not going to show it off just yet, but I’m happy my dress. We got a GREAT deal and if anyone in the Chicago suburbs is looking for an inexpensive gown, you just let me know because I have the hookup! So all in all, I don’t think I’ll bother seriously looking at gowns. If I happen to try on a few for fun, that’ll be fine, but for now my wedding gown is safely tucked away waiting for our big day 🙂


And also, my sister has her dress too. Apparently great minds really do think alike!